Marine Bioresources in a changing Mediterranean Sea

Organized by: Ecomondo Scientific Technical Committee, Federpesca, The Italian Technology Cluster on Bluegrowth, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, The EU Commission, The BLUEMED Initiative

The workshop, bringing together scientists and industrial stakeholders from the Mediterranean working on fisheries and aquaculture, will explore the effects of environmental changes on fishery and aquaculture. The topics covered are related to the effects of changing climate on Mediterranean fisheries and aquaculture and aquatic biodiversity as well as on the seafood processing value chains and competitiveness. The workshop will also promote a cross-topic dialogue sharing and discussing research, developments and cooperation opportunities in the Mediterranean basin.

Section Chairs

Roberto Cimino, President of the Italian Technology Cluster on BlueGrowth
Luigi Giannini, President of Federpesca
Enrico Granara, Coordinator of the Euro-Mediterranean Multilateral Initiatives, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation


10.00 Introduction (by the chairs)

10.20 Enrico Granara, Coordinator of the Euro-Mediterranean Multilateral Initiatives, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
The Mediterranean basin, with its challenges and opportunities 

10.40 Gianluca Sarà, University of Palermo
Tools for predicting impacts of climate change on marine resources (fishery and aquaculture) in the Mediterranean region

11.00 Simone Mirto, IAMC CNR
Building Ecosystem based approach to Fishery and Aquaculture management in the Mediterranean

11.20 Luigi Giannini, Federpesca
Mediterranean Sea: political strategies for sustainable and responsible fishing

11.40 Elisabetta Balzi, DG RTD,  EU Commission, Brussels
Horizon2020 priorities for a sustainable fishery and aquaculture in the Mediterranean Sea

12.00 Luca Marangoni, DG MARE, EU Commission, Brussels
WEST MED priorities and the sustainable development of the blue economy in the Mediterranean Sea

12.20 Antonio Mazzola, President of Conisma
Sustainable fishery in the frame of the INTERREG MED 

12.40 Angelo Bonanno, CNR & BLUEMED CSA
The role of Bluemed in deploying knowledge and innovative technologies on fisheries and aquaculture and sustainably exploiting their potentials

13.00  Massimo Barbin, Distretto Ittico di Rovigo e Chioggia
Investments in control and tracking system of the fishing industry

13.20 Nino Carlino, President of Mazara del Vallo fishing district
The Blue economic zone and the model cluster in the Mediterranean

13.40 Paolo Bray – Founder and Director Friend of the Sea
Certified mediterranean fisheries and aquaculture. Standards and trends

14.00 On. Marco Affronte, European Parliament, Committee on Fisheries

Conference held in italian language